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The purpose of the slalom, which is held in two runs, is to travel in the shortest time possible a distance that requires the crossing of gates, in the ascending numerical order of the gates, trying to avoid touching the poles or the skipping of the gates themselves.

The slalom race takes place on two runs on the same race course and for the allocation of points, the best among the two is considered.

The gates are formed by a suspended pole. The downstream, in favor of the current, are indicated by 5 (five) green rings and from 5 (five) white rings, alternating between them. The upstream, against the current, are marked by 5 (five) red rings and 5 (five) white rings, alternating each other.

The number of gates along the slalom route must be of at least 8 (eight) and maximum of fourteen (14), of which a minimum number of 2 and a maximum of 6 must be upstream, evenly distributed on the right and left banks of the left of the river or channel.

All gates must be overcome in accordance with the numerical sequence and the direction established, as indicated on the signs that indicate the number.

To consider a regular door passage, the following conditions must occur:

a. all heads of all crew members have crossed the gate line on the correct direction, according to the design of the track, without touching any pole with the body, with the paddles or with the raft;

b. heads of all competitors crossed the line between riverside and pole in proper direction i.e. they must pass between the pole and the riverside and in the proper predetermined direction.

c. heads of all competitors must pass through the gate while all off the competitors are inside of the boat

d. in case of upstream gates team is performing continuous advancement through the gate.



In a slalom race are the following penalties assigned:

a. "0" points-seconds: with correct passage carried out without making mistakes. No crew member, with the head or torso, must pass in way different from the one indicated; if this happens, the gate is considered activated, for which, even if the crew try again to execute it correctly, a penalty of "50" points-second would occur.

b. "5" points-seconds: when the passage of the gate is correct, but one or more crew members touch one or more times the pole of the gate. Repeated touches of the same pole are penalized only once.

c. "50" points-seconds:

when one or more crew members touches the pole without properly passing the gate;

when one or more crew members intentionally push the pole to facilitate passage. The action is not considered intentional when the bodies of the crew and the boat are already in a position where they would have the ideally passed the gate;

when a crew crosses the gate line with the boat overturned;

when a crew crosses the gate line in the wrong direction from that indicated on the map of the course and on the pole;

when during the passage of the gate line, any part of the body of one or more crew members crosses the gate line in the wrong direction;

when a competing crew skips the passage of the door. The gate is considered skipped when a crew skips crossing a gate, passing to the next one in ascending numerical order;

when a gate is skipped by one or more crew members;

when the passage of the finish line takes place with the raft with an incomplete crew

50 points-seconds the maximum possible penalty imposed for each gate.



The result is given by the time taken in seconds in the best between the two runs, adding the penalties assigned for respective runs.

The penalty points, converted into seconds are added to the race time.

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